Friday, September 25, 2015

Dangerous Advice From the Today Show - The Stupid is Strong With NBC

In our discussions on defensive gun use, much of our conclusions are based on the broad range of advice from leading self-defense thinkers, authors and instructors. They’re people with literally centuries of cumulative experience; Mas Ayoob, Kathy Jackson, Michael Bane, Andrew Branca, etc. We try to stay well within the  opinions of people who know the best.

Jeff Rossen
NBC’s Today Show apparently felt none of these obligations to their viewers. In a September 8th scare piece on home invasions, contributor Jeff Rossen spoke with William Zeins, a retired NYPD detective and hostage negotiator. How his 22 years as a negotiator made him an expert on home invasions was never explained. Zeins has almost no Google or web presence, nor any books or articles we could find. He does, however, have a bullet-proof hair-spray pompadour.  

            Zeins’ advice runs counter to much of the accepted advice for home invasions. Among other things, Zeins wants the victims to treat the invaders like royalty, sleep with bedroom doors open, run throughout the house gathering the family, and keep a can of wasp spray by the bed. There was no mention of training, awareness, on hardening the perimeter of the house, dealing with strangers at the door, hunkering down in defensible spaces, nor any any active defense with firearms or any other weapons; with the exception of the long-discredited wasp spray.
Williams Zeins
Ex-Hostage Negotiator - Current Fool

           If you're concerned with the growing threat of home invasion, get some professional training. Certainly don’t listen to the mainstream media; they don’t know what they’re babbling about -- and most likely, they don’t care. In our opinion, the Today Show has put their viewers at significant risk with their dangerous advice. 

Bad show, NBC. 

Bad show.  


  1. Wasp spray is a terrible idea for defense, especially home-defense.

    First off, it's a poison. It leaves a toxic residue. That's how it's designed. If you use it for home-defense, you're introducing a toxin into your home -- where you and your family lives -- that will leave traces of poison even after it's "cleaned up".

    Second, it says right on the can something to the effect of, "It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner other than described in the instructions." I guarantee you, self- and home-defense is NOT described in the instructions. Sure, the EPA is unlikely to bring federal criminal charges over a can of RAID, but why give them the ammunition?

    If you want a spray chemical defense, that's fine, but get an actual defensive OC spray (remember the first point; it will leave a residue where you and your family live). It's not much more expensive than wasp spray. But any chemical spray should be a single element in a comprehensive, multi-layered plan of defense, which should also include exterior motion-activated lights, trimmed hedges and lawns, locked doors and windows, designated and practiced rally points (or "meeting places" or "gathering spots"), and -- as a last resort -- a firearm and the knowledge of how to use it.

  2. If I was a criminal I know whose house to invade...Williams Zeins. It is virtually defenseless with a mere can of wasp spray and by just wearing a good set of protective glasses and I can have a fun time beating him silly, raping his wife, and then robbing him blind. /End dripping sarcasm.

    He will remain an ignorant liberal until reality bites him on the hind end and then he'll figure it out.

    1. Of course not. I'm a nice, decent, law-abiding citizen. These people do need a good dose of reality though before they realize that the world is not made of cupcakes and rainbows.

      My apologies for going overboard.

  3. No need to apologize. We all enjoy a good rant. ;^)'

    The ones in need of an apology are the poor rubes (aka: Today Show fans) that'd fire up the Pinto to go get some wasp spray....