Thursday, June 4, 2015

Happy 1st Blogiversary, NOMGL!

I made this here.
And yes, I just made "gunblog" a verb.
Deal with it.
Today marks the one-year blogiversary of Not One More Gun Law. Charlie Foxtrot published the first post, "Twenty Thousand Gun Laws Later", on June 4, 2014, one year ago today.

I believe congratulations are in order to Charlie, both for starting this blog and keeping it going for a full year. Here's to many more!

Stay safe.


  1. Ho Lee Xhit! One year....

    A lot has happened in that year - in the world, nation, state and neighborhood; politically and personally. I hope we've been able to bring a little information and analysis to this fast moving world.

    My sincere thanks to Archer for continuing his excellent work while I've been pulled apart by all those evil priorities.

  2. Here's to many, many more years! (I only hope that sanity remains after the big move)