Friday, April 3, 2015

Christe Pardons Shaneen Allen

     Exhibiting none of the aggressive decisiveness he's shown around the buffet table, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has finally done the right thing and pardoned Shaneen Allen.

Shaneen Allen and Sons
Burlington County Times
      Eighteen months ago, Allen was arrested for mistakenly taking her concealed carry pistol into New Jersey. Traveling to a birthday party on the Jersey shore, Allen was pulled over for a minor traffic offense. An honest citizen, she immediately informed the officer that she was carrying a weapon under her newly minted Pennsylvania CC license. The cop's reaction was also immediate, Allen was arrested and charged with a felony.  

   The single mother of two spent the next 46 days in jail. John McClain, the prosecutor for the hoplophobic Atlantic county, decided to make an example of her. Even though Allen had a spotless record, he denied her a program would have excused the felony with good behavior. The full weight of the state was poised to crush her with more than ten years of prison. All for an offense without intent, nor victim. 

     Festering corruption like Jersey's can rarely stand the attention: McClain subsequently allowed a hometown professional football player, who had beaten his fiancee unconscious in an elevator, into the program denied Allen. That travesty allowed the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, the New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society, talker Tom Gresham, and the odd blogger or two, to ignite a nation-wide public firestorm. McClain had to ungracefully back down and allow Allen into the diversion program.

     Now, still feeling the heat, Christie has pardoned Allen. He did the right thing; eventually, grudgingly. However, the insane, unConstitutional laws that put her in jail remain in force. Other law-abiding citizens, like Brian Aitken, are being destroyed for similar petty violations of the state's draconian, anti-rights laws. Christie has done nothing to counter those injustices, and has in many ways supported the anti-gun measures.  

    You can choke on your Presidential ambitions fat guy. 

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