Monday, March 30, 2015

Quote of the Day — "Bill Volckening" (March 27, 2015)

From the comments of an article on Oregon Senate Bill 941, "Oregon lawmakers introduce bill to expand gun background checks":
"@Blind Archer @Bill Volckening Sorry, but if you're a gun person, we have nothing to discuss. You're koo-koo-kray-kray."
Sorry, there's no way to link directly to that specific comment, but for the sake of posterity and "memory hole insurance", I got a screen cap:

(Full disclosure: Yes, I'm the "Blind Archer" to whom he's responding.)

The first part is a lie; he's not sorry — not one bit. You can tell from the scorn and disdain nearly leaking from the computer monitor.

But the sadly funny thing is, I didn't ask for anything particularly difficult or unreasonable. You can read the exchange, starting from his original comment…

… followed by the brief back-and-forth:

So much for that "national discussion on 'gun violence'" we're supposed to have. Was that too much, to ask that he respond by citing actual incidents and keep name-calling and ad hominem attacks to a minimum? (Rhetorical question)

This is what they think of us: we like guns, and so we are too crazy/stupid/unstable to converse with. We're the "Other"; less than human — certainly less then themselves — and therefore less worthy or deserving of even basic courtesy.

Makes you wonder: what other rights and courtesies would they be willing to deny us, given the chance?

Stay safe.

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  1. It's difficult to listen to drivel spewed out by people like Bill Volckening when they can't read the plain text of the Constitution. The only one with "wildly confused interpretations" is this guy who clearly never read any writings of the Founding Fathers which affirm that the Second Amendment does mean what it says.

    Serious delusions on his part.