Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Afternoon Tab Clearing — 12/19/2014

I've had a few items building up in my tabs that deserve sharing, but I don't have enough extra thoughts to add (or time!) to justify their own posts. So, it's time for a tab clearing!

From Rob Morse at his Slow Facts blog, a quick look at the evolution of our response to and preparation for violent crime. A nice compare/contrast from where we (most of us, anyway) were versus where we are now.

Jeff Knox, writing at the Buckeye Firearms Association, about Nathan Scott, the FSU student and Students for Concealed Carry on Campus activist who was shot in the leg Nov. 20 by a disturbed former student who opened fire in the campus library. Scott has a Concealed Weapon License, but — being a law-abiding citizen under a "No Guns on Campus" law — he didn't have his gun. The deranged shooter, of course, was not inconvenienced in the slightest by such a trivial law.

Families across the country are apparently offering up their loved ones to be the "next Michael Brown". I just have to ask, what kind of sick individuals would try to capitalize on the death of a loved one?

Bluegrass Bruce reports on the Bloomberg-funded "Universal Background Check" initiative making its way in Nevada. Violations of relevant rules have been reported, documented, and ultimately ignored by Nevada's Secretary of State, who certified the petitions as valid. And the NRA is thus far staying silent, but hopefully they've learned from Washington State's experience.

On that note, Joe Huffman asks, "What if?" in regards to Initiative 594. The law still needs to be overturned or repealed, but in the meantime, what if they passed a bad law and nobody complied? What if they passed a bad law, and loopholes were expanded (legally!) to make it totally meaningless?

Also from Joe Huffman, regarding the lawsuit against Bushmaster from the Sandy Hook victims' families, "Why Just the Gun Manufacturer?" Why not sue every manufacturer of every single component of every single item the shooter used that day?

Via ASM826 (co-blogging at Borepatch's site), a set of Animagraffs animations on how a 1911 pistol functions. They do some neat stuff.

From Miguel, an article from the Daily Mail Online about "Operation Fast & Furious", with crime-scene photos (WARNING: not for the faint of heart or stomach, but illustrative of the kind of inhuman monsters employed by the drug cartels). The primary cited source is Judicial Watch, so I guess their FOIA efforts to get around Obama's "executive privilege" must be paying off. Now, if only we could get the press to stop with the "botched trafficking sting" line. It wasn't "botched", people! The guns weren't tracked because BATFE/DOJ didn't even TRY to track them! Calling it a "botched" or "failed" sting removes or mitigates BATFE's/DOJ's liability and responsibility.

That's it for now. Stay safe, everyone.

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